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What we do

Delivering Training that Delivers Results

At The Training Workshop, we recognise how important your people are to the success of your business. The quality of the impact they have with customers, both internal and external, is absolutely vital if your are to maintain and increase your competitive edge in today's market place. Are they empowered to give their best? Are they motivated to perform?

We are driven by the desire to add sustainable value to our customer's business, through building long term relationships, working together with your people, and becoming an integral part of your ongoing people growth and development strategy.


An effective and ongoing staff training and development strategy is therefore a necessity and integral to the continued growth of your business. We understand that any truly effective training strategy must be bespoke and tailored to your particular needs, must use language that is familiar to you and your customer, and must be delivered in a passionate, fun and friendly manner that engages and motivates.....and produces results.     


Our Mission Statement supports our driving business principles: -

'To add value to our customers' business through the development of their most valuable asset - their people.'


As a company we drive to demonstrate the following values in all that we do:


              Creative                                           Different                                             Quantifiable


    Imaginative                                        Energetic                                             Results

             Innovative                                         Challenging                                         Performance

Adventurous                                      Passionate                                          Value

           Stimulating                                       Motivational                                          Profitability

      Original                                             Inspiring                                              Retention

         Unusual                                            Fun                                                      Perception


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'The mind that opens to a new idea, never returns to its original size'.  (Albert Einstein)