Core Training Programmes


All of our training programmes are customised and developed to the specific needs of our clients. Whatever the title may be, the content of each programme is bespoke to your business and built around your practices and procedures.  Whether it is a one-off event or part of an ongoing business development strategy, we follow five key steps for your success:-


1. What is the Performance Gap?

     We help establish the training & development need, and identify and define the key objectives of the learning - what do you want your people to be doing differently after the training?

2. Design and Develop the Material.

     All material is designed around your business - any exercises, role-plays and activities will be directly relevant to your business processes, encouraging greater delegate engagement and participation.

3. Deliver in a Motivational, Interactive, and Fun Manner.

     We make the learning memorable - all of our training is delivered in a way that encourages, stimulates and motivates, catering for all learning types.    

4. Measure and Evaluate the Success.

     We will agree with you at the outset how success of the training project will be measured, and evaluate any performance changes accordingly

5. Recommend Ongoing Support Strategies.

     This could include follow-up sessions, one to one coaching, next-stage development, and mystery shopper activity 

Whilst our Workshops are all bespoke and individually tailored to our Clients, some of the typical subjects that we have successfully delivered in the last 12 months include the following : -







Please do get in touch if you would like to talk to us about how we can work with you to help develop your team.




*  Sensational Customer Service

*  Effective Team Leadership

*  Key Account Management

*  Relationship Selling

*  Customer First

*  Presentations with Impact

*  Motivational Leadership

*  Performance Coaching For Results

*  Developing Assertiveness

*  Train the Trainer

*  Debt Collection

*  Time Management and Personal Organisation

*  Developing Proactive Teams

*  Supervisory Skills

*  Conducting Effective Telesales

*  360 Feedback

*  Negotiation Skills

*  Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

*  Dealing with Difficult Customers

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