Sales Training


'Care enough to create value for Customers; get that right, and selling is easy.'

How do you treat your customers? Are they customers, or just another sale? How creative and agile are you in this current climate to meet the changing priorities of the market place?   


Selling today has progressed from simply box shifting on a transactional level - our customers are now more intelligent and discerning, have greater choice, and have greater access to information about you before they see you or speak to you. Your business has to have the customer at its very core, with all of your functions and departments ensuring that they have a focus on the customer journey, helping to make the buying process as smooth and pleasurable as possible. 

Selling today is now more about being in business with your customers, not merely doing business with them. It has evolved to a relationship basis where we help the customer to buy the right product or service that meets their requirements. It is more than just selling - it is a consultative-based approach where we work with the customer.


At The Training Workshop we recognize the importance of ensuring your sales teams are trained and developed to deliver the outstanding level of sales performance that is required in today's highly competitive and changing Global market-place. Too often however, many sales training courses merely focus on skills and techniques, and expect salespeople to provide their own motivation and drive. Having the correct attitude and drive is just as important, if not more so, to achieving greater levels of performance, and that is why our programmes focus on attitudinal choice and behaviours as much as on providing them with the correct tools and techniques for their sales skills toolkit.    

To develop a top performing sales team also means ensuring that they are performance managed and led in the right way - a way that motivates, enables, encourages and supports the correct performance behaviours necessary - and doesn't just catch them doing things wrong!

We have proven experience and success at delivering sales training strategies over many years, in face-to-face, telesales, and online environments, covering both B2B and B2C environments. Our courses have included:- 


If you would like a fresh approach to selling, tell us what you need and we can design and deliver a programme that is precisely right for your business. We promise not to give you that hard sell - just listen!     


*  The Sales Process

*  The Customer Visit

*  Outstanding Telesales

*  Key Account Management

*  Leading the Sales Team

*  Relationship Selling

*  Sales Performance Management

*  The Strategic Sales Approach

*  Creating the Opportunity

*  Closing the Sale

*  Adding Value