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Successful leadership has never been as important as it is during this current climate. 


An effective leader is a person who works with their team, creating an inspiring vision of the future, and guiding and motivating people to engage with that vision. Influence, compassion and innovation separate leaders from managers, not power and control.  


The quality of Leadership has become an increasingly important part of management ability. According to a 2016 Global study by Harvard Business Review,  the top 10 competencies necessary for being an effective leader were identified as:-











It concluded that leaders exhibiting these ten competencies, create a work environment to bring out the best in your business and your employees. 


The Training Workshop can help to develop these competencies in your current leaders and your next-level leaders through a number of Leadership Development training and coaching strategies. These will be tailored to you and your business, and will build upon the current abilities and skill-sets of your leaders, working with them to develop and inspire performance. If this is something that you believe will benefit your business, please get in touch and we will be happy to arrange to talk with you.       

1.   High Ethical and Moral Standards

2.   Providing Goals and Objectives with loose guidelines and direction

3.   Clearly Communicating Expectations

4.   Flexibility to Change Opinions

5.   Committed to ongoing development of the team

6.   Communicate often and openly

7.   Open to new ideas and approaches

8.   Create feeling of succeeding and failing together

9.   Help develop the next generation leaders

10. Provide safety for trial and error

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